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1 - LIMITED LIABILITY - TRIPS & ROADBOOKS: All our trips published on this site are "travel ideas": Motorcycle-Rides.com is not a tour operator so, it does not organize tours, therefore, it disclaims all responsibilities of all kinds whatsoever for the execution and carrying out of the trips described in this portal or in the Roadbooks, also including for any losses, damages, accidents, natural and non-natural disasters suffered or caused during the trips.

All those who undertake the journeys described in these pages must personally check before leaving the road conditions (which may even remain closed seasonally, or get closed, such as mountain passes, work in progress, etc), the viability, the correctness of the routes described, the weather conditions, the documentation required in foreign countries, any closing times, take out travel insurance against any damage, make all the reservations for overnight stays and all those that are necessary for the smooth running of the trip itself.

During the COVID-19 period check also the limitations that could be or could come into force in the places/countries you want to visit or cross.

1a - ROADBOOK FILES: these are travel ideas too, therefore, all the warnings described in the above point One (Limited Liability) are valid: the User assumes all responsibility and must personally check all the items listed in Point One regarding the execution of the trip even in the case it regards the Roadbooks' files.

Furthermore, it undertakes to acquire the necessary technical knowledge of how and where to use the files. Users can get this information from the manufacturer or from the user manual of the device in his possession in the case of GPS devices or from the instructions in the case of applications he has downloaded or purchased from the net, or, even from many websites.
From a technical point of view, all our digital files are tested on suitable media and are fully functional.

Travel liability information