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By accessing the pages of the website Motorcycle-Rides.com, the User declares he accepts the following conditions and General Rules that will apply to the entire Motorcycle-Rides.com website. The various sections of the site may contain additional regulations concerning that specific sector, in this case the present General Regulation is going to be integrated with them.
1 - General:
1.1 - The website Motorcycle-Rides.com is dedicated to displaying ideas about travelling by motorcycle in Europe and in Noth Africa describing tips of itineraries and tours. Motorcycle-Rides.com is not a tour operator, simply exposes its ideas to help discover the most spectacular motorcycle roads and routes in Europe.
2 - Registration on website Motorcycle-Rides.com:
2.1 - Upon registration, the User declares to be of age, to enter truthful information, to explicitly accept all the conditions of use set in these General Regulations, in the » Privacy Policy and in the » Cookie Policy and their possible periodic changes.
2.2 - If a User is registering in the name and on behalf of a minor, he declares to be the parent or guardian, to constantly monitor the actions taken by the child on the site and to assume full responsibility.
2.3 - In case a User is registering in the name and on behalf of a company of persons or capital, recognized and non-recognized entities and/or associations of any kind, the User declares under his own responsibility to hold the relevant delegation or prescribed authorization.
3 - Links to third parties (link):
3.1 - Motorcycle-Rides.com may include links to other sites on the Internet that are owned or operated by third parties. When the User connects to these sites, he must read and accept their Regulations and their Privacy Policy governing the use of such sites before using them.
3.2 - The User also agrees that Motorcycle-Rides.com has no control over the content of such sites and can not assume any responsibility in relation to the material created or published by the sites in question.
3.3 - In addition, the connection to a site other than Motorcycle-Rides.com does not imply approval by Motorcycle-Rides.com of that site, as well as of the products or services contained therein.
4 - Limitation of liability:
4.1 - The contents of the Motorcycle-Rides.com website and its pages are provided based on current and future availability.
4.2 - Motorcycle-Rides.com does not guarantee the pages of the site are free of errors or from interruptions.
4.3 - Motorcycle-Rides.com reserves the right at any time to revise the pages in question or revoke access to them.
4.4 - Motorcycle-Rides.com assumes no responsibility for any malfunctions or suspensions of the services of third-party materials and software used in its portal.
5.5 - No warranty of any kind, express or tacit, including warranty for eviction, for defects and for proper functioning, is granted in relation to availability, accuracy, reliability or content of the following pages.
5.6 - Motorcycle-Rides.com will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental damages as well as for any loss of profits or interruption of commercial activity resulting from the use of this service, even if Motorcycle-Rides.com has been advised of the possibility of such damage. The law of some states does not allow the exclusion of certain guarantees or limitations of liability. In such cases the aforementioned limitations or exclusions will not be applicable to him and the responsibility of Motorcycle-Rides.com will be limited to the fullest extent permitted by the law in question.
6 - This site has no regular periodic nature and is updated according to the availability of material and staff.


All the texts of the articles or trips published on the site Motorcycle-rides.com, as well as those contained in the ROADBOOK packages, are our intellectual property and therefore subject to copyright by the owner of the website Motorcycle-rides.com, see law on Copyright.
Based on this right, we DO NOT grant permission to copy, republish or distribute our travel articles (trips) on any type of print or online publication. (examples: websites, blogs and any other online or printed publication such as magazines, newspapers, etc.)
Therefore, the reproduction of our texts is illegal so, in such cases we will not hesitate to take legal action.
We invite you to respect the copyright and NOT TO COPY our texts published on this site, be you a private person or an agency / tour operator.


All the trips published on this site are "travel ideas": Motorcycle-Rides.com is not a tour operator so, it does not organize tours, therefore, it disclaims all responsibilities of all kinds whatsoever for the execution and carrying out of the trips described in this portal or in the Roadbooks, also including for any losses, damages, accidents, natural and non-natural disasters suffered or caused during the trips.

All those who undertake the journeys described in these pages must personally check before leaving the road conditions (which may even remain closed seasonally, or get closed, such as mountain passes, work in progress, etc), the viability, the weather conditions, the documentation required in foreign countries, any closing times, take out travel insurance against any damage, make all the reservations for overnight stays and all those that are necessary for the smooth running of the trip itself.

During the COVID-19 period check also the limitations that could be or could come into force in the places/countries you want to visit or cross.

Roadbook files: the same arguments described in point One above (Limited Liability) are valid. The User assumes all responsibility and must personally check all the items listed in Point One regarding the execution of the trip even in the case it regards the Roadbooks' files.
From a technical point, our files are tested and fully functional. The User assumes all responsibilities and undertakes to acquire the necessary knowledge, how or where to use them. User can get this information from the manufacturer or from the user manual of the device in his possession in the case of GPS devices, or from the instructions in case of applications he has downloaded or purchased from the net, or, even from many websites.


We reserves the right to modify these Rules at any time.

Last up: May 20, 2020
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