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- in case you would like to visit new places riding your motorcycles on your own (you can also rent one: on our pages, you will find how & where to rent a motorcycle).
If so, you can choose one of our exciting trips and order its Rooadbook. The digital files included in it will allow you to follow the trip in freedom and, as you like.
You will only have to book a hotel where to overnight. For that, just use the 'Hotel Search Window' displayed also on our pages, where you can compare different accommodations and prices and book the right one you like best. (If you need you can also book flights there).
Organizing your journey in this way, as to say "Self-guided and self-organized", you will be able to visit more places and attractions spending less money!

Departure dates: Trips are "self-driven". That means they are not pre-organized group trips, but individual ones, so you can start on the date that is more convenient for you, no need to adapt to prefixed dates.
How many days does a tour take: Actually our trips are not divided into days, we describe here the whole journey for each tour. You can divide it on your own as you like or as your need, otherwise you can also send us a request by email, and we will prepare a day-per-day version of it with all the required files: see below "Roadbook with customized itinerary"

How to order a Roadbook Package?
To place your order, you must be registered. Please, use a correct email address because the Roadbook Package will be sent to your registration email.

Our "Roadbook" is a package that includes ALL the files that can be requested by the various apps in the case of a smartphone / tablet or by GPS navigators to display a route. In addition, we also include a high resolution Map file and one of the Road Directions. So, here are all files included in every Roadbook package:
1 - File .KML to upload the route (via apps*) on your smartphone (iOS -iPhone / iPad- or Android), so you can have the maps with you, - even offline!
2 - File .KMZ to display the route on Google Earth (free download from the net), and also file .kml;
3 - Universal .GPX file for GPS devices, created from the original .kml file so it is extremely accurate. This file has probably to be adapted to your device according to its performance (it is the user's task: see the instructions how to do it from the manufacturer of your GPS, or from the user manual or online). On request, as a courtesy free service, we can adapt this file for you in case of Garmin or TomTom devices next generation;
4 - High-resolution MAP file .PNG of the route;
5 - INTRO.pdf file: in this text file you will find useful info on how to use the digital files included;
6 - + Gift: we enclose, when possible, also a .PDF File "Directions";

Roadbook Price: Price is shown on the trip's descriptive webpage.

How to pay for a Roadbook?
- EU & EES countries: We accept only SEPA bank transfer, (a common, simple, cheap, and fast method between the European Union countries, and the EEA countries (European Economic Area) Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein). It takes only 1 working day.
- Also from San Marino, Switzerland, Principality of Andorra, Principality of Monaco, Vatican City probably you can use the SEPA bank transfer, (if not, regular bank transfer will cost more commission), otherwise, see "money transfer" , next line.
- From extra EU & EEA countries: you can use a simple and fast "money transfer" system such as WISE. Generally, the payment takes only 1 working day to get here.

When will you get the Roadbook package? - We will send it to your email address you registered with on our portal within 1-2 days after we got the credit.

Can you change the start and finish location of a tour when ordering the Roadbook?
Usually, you can change them. When ordering the Roadbook for a tour, on the yellow Roadbook-Order Label you may find 2 or even up to 3 options for the departure/arrival points (where it is available). The first option is the default one, described on the tour page while the second and third ones are just 2 more options for the same tour but with different departure/arrival points so you can choose the most convenient one for you to start out. The tour is the same, only the departure and the arrival points will be different from the default ones.

If you wish to divide a tour that is published on this site into a day-per-day trip, and thus have the Roadbook Package with all the files divided day by day, you can send your request by email for the price. In case, we will provide you with all the files (.kml, .kmz, .gpx, high-resolution maps) divided by days, reporting also the daily kilometers to be done. The itinerary elaborated in this way becomes complete and ready to start the trip, you only have to make reservations for the overnight stays.

Once you've got our Roadbook, you have only to book the accommodation (Hotels, B&B, Farmhouses, or others) that you prefer according to your budget. Use for this purpose the HOTEL&FLIGHT SEARCH window you can find on our pages. Here you will have different results that even compare prices.

1. * There are many apps in the Apps Stores, (simple, advanced, free or paid ones, up to you). We will show you one in the package, a very simple one, it is free and works even offline, moreover, it does not require a PC for the file transfer, and it is one of the most used apps! Anyway, you are free to choose different or more advanced apps (just search for "navigators" for smartphones (iOS / Android) in the Apps Store or online).
2. For beginners: .kml, .kmz, .gpx files cannot be open simply clicking on them: you need the appropriate programs as indicated above.
3. Terms of Use and License: all files included in the Roadbook package can be used for personal use only and can not be resold, redistributed, multiplied, shared, published online or on paper or in any other format (including digital ones). A ROADBOOK Package can be used by one motorcycle (we mean 1 rider & his passenger /passengers). None of our files must be modified or tampered with (besides for copyright), because they can lose their original characteristics and display the original route with errors.
4. Withdrawal: once the Roadbook Package has been sent from our email (usually from contact [@] motorcycle-rides.com) as an attachment or simply giving notice of a link where the user can freely download it without verification (a procedure called free access), the User loses any right of withdrawal.
If the user is notified by email directly from an external mail-transfer service that exercises control over the download, the User loses the right of withdrawal once the download has been made. (a procedure called download verified).
Also, the right of withdrawal is not applicable in the case the Roadbook Package was realized as a personal order or as for a personalized trip. (according to art. 59 of the Consumer Code).
5. Liability disclosure
6. Attention: The "ROADBOOK Package" presented and described here is the name of the package containing the files listed above. All those are not expressly described above, are not part of it.


If you have any questions or requests, please, contact us by email:

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